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Our clinic is open for 25 years now. We are an orthopedic reference clinic and also a practice hospital for many years at the University of Veterinary Medicine, accepting graduate trainees. The emergency service is operating for 10 years now.

The emergency hotline is a voluntary service that has a veterinarian and an assistant working every evening, night, weekend and on holidays.

The emergency or intensive health care is provided primarily in our hospital in Szentendre but in special needs or requests (within a reasonable distance) we can go to your house or visit your pet where it is.

The emergency fees start from 15.000 HUF up to 25.000 HUF depending on the
- urgency of the case
- treatment time

plus the costs of surgery or any procedure, medications used during the treatment.

central emergency number: +36-30-66-26-849

If you hear the answering machine, please patiently listen to it and decide accordingly if you need to call our college on duty.



    I gaduated from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest in 1986. In the early 90s I opened a pet clinic in Veszprém, equipped with X-ray, ultrasound equipment and an operating room which were considered quite new back then. I was always interested in orthopedics - in the first few years besides the large number of soft tissue surgeries I was engaged to the treatments of fractures and then to correct orthopedic-joint disorders.

    I started screening for hip joint diseases as a member of the FDB (Independent Dysplasia Examination Committee) from the very beginning. In 96, a friend and I established our company, the Hegyvidéki Kisállatklinika and has been operating ever since with expanding services and locations. We currently have 4 veterinarians, 4 assistants, several veterinary students and two clinics.

    Since I became a member of the English Veterinary Chamber (RCVS) in 2004 as the second Hungarian veterinarian, I have worked several times in England for more and new professional experience.

    As a member of the Pet Orthopedic Association (MKOE) we are screening for hereditary disorders of the hips, elbows, shoulders, and spine within more and more expanded framework. (

    Having decades of experience in spinal medicine, we operate several lesions that cause spinal hernia, fractures and different neurological losses. I have delivered lectures and publications primarily on orthopedic topics. I try to help the practical training of veterinary students - our clinics regularly receive students as training hospital of the University.

    I am married with two adult children. My daughter is also a student at the University of Veterinary Medicine, my son works in the humanities. My wife has always been my professional partner as well, one of the cornerstones of the practice, she organizes our work also as an operation and financial manager. We have several animals on our own too and the whole family is taking part in the care of our horses, dogs, cats and rabbits.

    I am part of the management of two non-profit associations. The First Aid Animal Welfare Association helps troubled animals and their owners through daily work difficulties. The veterinary sports association-ÁSE-VET organizes and assists sport activities of local and cross-board Hungarian veterinarian students.


    Founder and owner of our clinic. Agricultural engineer (1988), agronomist engineering teacher (1992) qualified assistant. She has been an active participant and one of the cornerstones of our practice since the very beginning. Her favorite field is obstetrics, specially the care of (naturally or surgically) newborn puppies. She also our practice manager.

    Naturally, she is also the cornerstone of the family. Her hobbies are volleyball and travelling.

  • LILLA SZOLNOKI - Trainee

    Professional career is under editing ......

  • MIRA MATYASOVSZKY - Head assistant

    After finishing management and secretarial studies, I graduated from the Agricultural Vocational School as pet cosmetician. Gained the necessary professional experience, I opened my own cosmetic salon and worked as a dog beautician for 7 years.

    Being ambitious for a wider knowledge in my field I applied for the position of veterinarian assistant at Esztergom Veterinary Hospital, which was right opening at the time. As a pillar member of the Hegyvidéki Pet Clinic for 6 years already I have gained great experience and knowledge as one of the head assistants.

    In our hospital the wide range of services also include pet cosmetics that is performed by me. My favorite dog breed is the American bulldog, in my spare time I like to participate in international shows and competitions with them.

  • Dr.Paládi Lajos - Veterinarian

    Professional career is under editing...

  • Bucsánszky Erika - Head assistant